Neck and Skull Massage

Head and Neck

  • Execute two finger Petrissage.
  • Perform light Fingertip Friction.
  • Execute a light Milking Petrissage on the neck. This feels really good.
  • Perform an alternate finger pressure along the spine, finishing up with an upward thumb effleurage on the edge of the skull.
  • Cross fiber friction with your palm.
  • Very light Hacking Tapotement on the neck, only the ends of the fingers are used for tapotement.
  • Fingertip Friction to entire skull.
  • Perform a circle fingertip Friction to Sphenoid bone. The circular movement is directed to front and you execute the movement concomitantly on both sides.
  • Do the same thing for Temporal bone (temple).
  • Finish the neck and shoulders part with Nerve strokes on the whole skull. Perform first Tapotement nerve strokes and end with effleurage nerve strokes.
  • Powerful Tip!
    Perform a circular clockwise friction on the posterior fontanel. This is almost as effective as an energy healing procedure. This has to be done at least 20 sec to be efficient. It eases up the head bringing freshness, it can sober up a subject up after a few drinks, it balances the energies at all levels. You have though to be very careful and do it in small steps with all the patients and get a lot of feedback because overdone it can make your client faint. You have to dose extremely careful the pressure and the length of the procedure.
  • Cover the neck and shoulders.

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