How to massage - Shoulders and arms

Shoulders and arms

  • Perform Petrissage, (Milking) on shoulders and arms. Avoid the elbow area.
  • Do a Fingertip Friction on the arm’s muscles. Avoid the elbow area.
  • Stretch (traction) the arm for a few seconds. Release and then stretch again. Holding the patient’s hand in yours perform vibration.
  • Stretch - lift the arms upwards like you want to join them. Make sure you don’t apply too much strength. Do not over stretch.
  • Bend one arm at the elbow and place the hand on the spine. Then lift the elbow a few time stretching. Repeat with the other arm.
  • Powerful Tip!
    Perform thumb friction on the exterior part of the forearm, the space between the radius and ulna. This is an extremely efficient procedure for improving the digestion and it can alleviate indigestions.

For a complete description of the strokes, moves and other massage tips consult the full manual at

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