Do's and Don'ts of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the safest medical practices existent and one of the most pleasurable one. There are many things you need to know in order to give the perfect massage. Head Massage is providing you with a comprehensive set of do's and don'ts of Massage Therapy.
You need to know what to do in order to provide the patient with a wonderful experience. But more important is to know what is not permitted or what presents a risk when giving a massage.
The Do's and Don'ts of Massage therapy is split in a few sections for a better classification and understanding.    

How Do I Get the Perfect Massage as a Client?

Massage Rules for a Patient

Being a massage patient involves, not only pleasure, but also responsibilities and duties. You have to communicate to your practitioner in order to get the most out of the experience. Let them know if it feels good, or if you need more of a certain technique and communicate your therapist things like "the strength is just fine", "it tickles", or "it hurts". By the way, it isn't OK to hurt unless you want it. A good massage involves two parts equally responsible for the success of a session. If you want to benefit the most of your session these are a few important rules to be followed when you receive a massage:

  • Be a slacker
    Be loose, relaxed, don't try to be alert, trust your therapist. It's OK if you fall asleep, it happens very often and it's a good sign - the massage works.
  • Breathing
    A good breathing complements the massage session bringing the patient the most results. It deepens the relaxation and accelerates the purification process. The patient has to learn how to maintain a good breathing.
  • Let Go
    Let your massage therapist move your limbs whenever they need to. Don't move unless you're asked to.
  • Stop Thinking, Start feeling
    Do not think of anything else than the massage. All the worries have to wait for the whole session. The only thing that maters is the massage, feel everything. However don't try to force relaxation no matter what, sometimes speaking could be more relaxing.
  • Massage and the "No Pain No Gain" Concept
    Massage doesn't have to be painful. Some muscle knots and certain forms of tension respond well to firm pressure and a few patients need a firm grip. That doesn't mean you need to experience it for yourself. Harder massage is most of the times bad massage.
  • Embrace your Emotions
    Sometimes during a massage session people feel very intense emotions. Some patients cry, some laugh. Emotional tensions are relieved.
  • Are you uncomfortable to be nude?
    First of all it would be way better if you weren't. But if you can't help it and are uncomfortable to be nude tell that to your practitioner. He will find a way to make you comfortable.
  • You are the boss
    Do not be afraid to ask for adjustments whenever you feel the need to. Communicate with your therapist and don't forget that you have the last word. Don't be shy, speak up.
  • Privacy
    Turn off the TV. Use a "Do Not Disturb" sign. Do not accept interruptions. Turn off the cell phone.
  • Before a massage
    Don't eat a large meal within a couple hours before the massage. Do not consume alcohol before a massage. Take a shower before a massage therapy. Go to bathroom before a session, the massage will accelerate your natural needs. Avoid shaving legs prior to a massage.
  • Positioning
    You should lay in a position that will permit you to relax. Make sure you are comfortable and don't lay on one side or bent. We have the tendency to contract certain muscles all the time. Try to relax all your body as much as possible.

Do's And Don'ts After Massage

There are not too many things to avoid after a massage but here is a list with what is generally recommended to do after a massage:

  • Drink plenty of water, massage sets your lymph in motion, and water helps detoxification.
  • Do not eat right after the massage, unless your blood sugar dropped drastically.
  • Massage lowers the blood sugar levels, if you are insulin dependent, make sure you keep you blood sugar under control. 
  • If you got an aromatherapy massage, you want the essential oils to stay on your body as long as possible. Don't take a shower right after the massage, if this is possible.
  • If possible get a nap, this is the most restful sleep you'll ever have. 
  • Plan a bathroom trip immediately after the session, (see point 1).




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