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Definition: Massage Vibrations are a massage technique performed by using superficial rapid movements of the fingertips or palm.

Description: Vibrations are a difficult technique. For this reason many practitioners do not include it in their practice or they use electrical devices for vibrations. There are a few types of vibrations depending on the frequency. Depending on frequency there are different ways of performing massage vibrations and different effects obtained. Some of the benefits of vibrations include: relaxation, improved nerve function, muscle relaxation and it can affect equally, superficial body parts as well as internal organs. The vibration as a massage technique, is a very efficient way to reach deeper tissues and organs, and to stimulate them. As modern application, the whole body massage machines are probably one of the best applications of the massage vibrations. There are many electric massage devices that can provide a high quality vibration massage. In fact, this is the only technique where the therapist can be successfully replaced by a machine.

Massage Techniques Video - Shaking and Vibrations

How to Perform Massage Vibration

  • The best places to perform a vibration on, are lower back and neck. The vibration is the most difficult massage move to learn.
  • Place just your fingertips on the area to be vibrated and stiffen all of your joints from your fingers all the way up to your shoulders.The move is done in the entire arm and a correct vibration will make your arm tremble as one unit, as if shivering. Compression firmly on the massaged area,concentrate the trembling down into your fingertips.
  • Alternatively, until you master the move, you can do a shallow vibration from your hand.
  • Another solution would be to use an electric massager. There are excellent electric massagers on the market. You have to chose one with the correct frequency or with an adjustable frequency.

Video Showing Massage Vibrations

Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager

Whether you are a massage therapist and want this for your clients, or you are someone who loves massage vibration, you need to have this great device. Most massage therapist can't do the vibrations, but even for those who can do it, this is a life savior. Vibrations are difficult technique to perform, and it is physically demanding if you do it properly. This device is the best massage tool money can buy.

Vibrations are good for stress relief, helps the asthma sufferers, and helps sore muscles and bad joints.


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