Tapotement or Percussion Massage Technique


Massage Percussion

Definition: Tapotement is Swedish massage technique consisting of rhythmic percussion movements, administered with the edge of the hand, loose fists, cupped hand, or the fingers.

Description: Tapotement is performed in a rhythmic way, with fast pace, usually alternating hands.
If we are using the edge of the hand is called hacking, if using the loose fists is called fist percussion, the tip of the fingers and is called tapping. Other percussion methods are wiggling, pinching, cupping.

The term Tapotement comes from the French word "tapoter" which means to tap. Tapotement is very often referred to as massage percussion.
The medical massage primarily recommends tapotement for patients with bronchitis to loosen mucus in the lungs promoting expectoration. However, tapotement can be a stimulating massage move, and at the same time a relaxing one.
It is an underutilized and underestimated technique, probably because it is a technically difficult move.
If you give children a massage they'll always ask for the tapotement.

Massage Techniques - Tapotement, or Percussion

How to perform Tapotement - Massage Techniques

General Rules for Performing Tapotement
There are a few rules to follow when doing tapotement:
The hands have to be very lose.
We have to avoid kidney area .
We have to perform tapotement for 60 seconds or more in order to be effective.
Do not over-increase the speed or you'll get tired too fast and stop before the 60 seconds.Pummeling - Fist  TapotementAt first you can break the percussion treatments in a few little sessions of one minute, mixing it between other techniques.As you get used to the move, you can go longer and perform one or two sessions of 4 to 10 minutes total.

It is a stroke performed after the first half of a massage session.

    Do not use this stroke on kidneys, head, spine and bones in general. It is acceptable on the neck but with a very light strength.

    Benefits of Tapotement Massage

    • Can be used to excite the nerves
    • Can be used to calm the nerves
    • Increases circulation
    • Used to release mucus from the lungs (colds, recovering from flu).
    • It can be used as a relaxing stroke.

    Video Showing Hacking

    How To Do Tapotement Massage - Hacking

    Jaclean Tapping Pro - Tapotement Massage Device

    Tapotement is one of the hardest massage techniques, and it takes a lot of practice to master. Even when you are an expert at it, it is a technique which taxes the body, and you can't do it for the whole day as a professional. One of the best alternatives is this percussion devices which has a perfect percussion motion.

    Video Showing Hacking, Cupping, and Fist Tapotement

    How To Do Tapotement Massage

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    Tapotement (Cupping)

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