Head Massage is a great remedy against Cold and Flu

Head MassageMassage is a great remedy against Cold and Flu and it works best as a prevention method.

Head massage in particular has its advantages that make it very effective. 

  • Head Massage is a highly effective technique for recovery after flu.
  • It helps draining the sinuses,
  • Alleviate headaches usually associated with Colds and Flu,
  • Alleviate other symptoms such as stuffy nose,
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation,
  • It works by stimulating reflex points on the skull – the head area is a very sensitive area and is filled with pressopuncture points.
  • Stimulating these pressopuncture points has a beneficial effect but it also stimulates the Hypothalamus, which controls many functions of the body.
  • Head Massage has a very relaxing effect, being a very efficient anti-stress tool. Stress levels negatively impacts immunity.
  • Using essential oils will kill pathogens, (essential oils are very effective in killing various pathogens)

Massage is contraindicated in case of flu especially when high fever is present. In cases of high fever lowering the body temperature using antipyretics and cold water is the main objective.

It is important to see your family doctor as soon as possible; the physician will prescribe you the correct treatment. Head Massage will be just an adjuvant to the physician’s prescription.