How to Choose the Massage Oil

Choosing the right Massage Oil

Make sure you choose the right oil when you give a massage. As a general rule make sure the patient likes the fragrance of the essential oil you use for them. Sometimes even if you feel the essence is good for your client if they don't like the smell, they won't enjoy the experience.
This material is the minimum of information to help you pick up the right oil. However you can check on my Massage Oils page for a more detailed description
The base could be grape-seed oil or Sweet Almond oil which together makes a great base rich in nutrients for the skin and easy absorbable. A good choice is a base composed of one part grape-seed oil and two parts pure cold-pressed Olive Oil. The olive oil though has a strong scent and most of the clients will avoid it.
The essential oil is 3% (three percent only!!!) of the oil, whether is a combination or single oil. Maximum three essential oils are recommended for a combination. The rule of combining the is: "the simpler the better".
You have to chose the essential oil carefully so it would help your improve your patient’s mood and not worsen it. Here are some ofthe essential oils and their effects:

  • Pine - Pain killer. Natural deodorant.
  • Tea-tree - Antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial. Good for the skin.
  • Cedar - Reduces fluids in body tissues, diuretic.
  • Lavender - Anti-bacterial, calming, relaxing, good for skin.
  • Ylang-ylang - Aphrodisiac, antistress. Balances dry skin.
  • Peppermint – Stimulant. Helps to relieve colds.
  • Lemon grass - Stimulates digestion. Antiseptic, detoxifies lymph.

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